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  • Thank you so so much to everyone putting so much work and helping through this very tough time. Karan has provided our family with so much support and been godsend.
    The consultation with the Doctor made a huge difference in our treatment approach for my uncle and helped so much. Sincere thanks to all volunteers in being there for the community and making me a proud Kashmiri!

    Upasna Kaul
  • The team is doing such an amazing job that too round the clock that we cannot thank them enough. The resources shared and the provided doctor consultation had been really helpful and we are extremely grateful to the entire team for looking after the community in such tough times.

  • You people came out of blue and Dr from Mumbai is an angle, who not only / is providing us a medical support but her encourgeing voice is soothing to our raw nerves…..God bless you all.

    Ashok zutshi

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